Sohel and Lindsey

Monday, September 8, 2008

Only 23 days left

We have only 23 days left until our son is supposed to make his entrance. We can't wait! I had a NST again this morning, we passed with flying colors. Only 7 more NST's left!!! Can't wait until I am DONE with them, they are sooooo boring. We have an ultrasound coming up on 9/18, where they will check Ethan's weight and make sure he is still head down. Which I think he is because he likes to move around and hit my bladder! We bought his a cute costume for Halloween. Its a orange onsie with a ghost on it and a pair of black pants. I can't wait to see it on him!!

This week is going to be a little crazy because Sohel is having surgery on his head to remove a cyst. His surgery is tomorrow, he should be in and out with in a few hours, its not a big deal, just sounds like it because its his head. He will be off of work Tuesday and Wednesday and then can't wear his cover for 4 weeks. I am not sure what the USMC will do about that since they can't wear the uniform without the cover....

Well Kansas is already starting to get cold, it all started with left over hurricane rains and it has been no higher than 70 the past 2 weeks. Its really nice, except for the cloudy sky's. Today its only supposed to get to 70 and that was in the morning. By tonight they are saying high 50's. I wonder if that means it will snow more and be colder this winter? I thought last winter was bad.
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